Daftar Harga Sendok Yika Januari 2019



Daftar Harga Sendok Yika - Berikut adalah daftar harga yang kami kumpulkan dari berbagai sumber di internet terkait produk Sendok Yika. Harga Sendok Yika pada bulan Januari 2019 berikut ini adalah harga baru yang di-update secara berkala.

Pastikan anda mengunjungi situs yang dimaksud sebelum menjadikan harga Sendok Yika berikut sebagai acuan. Untuk melihat info dari masing-masing tipe silakan cari disamping masing-masing tipe. Pilih tipe yang sesuai dengan budget dan ukuran kantong Anda.

Nama BarangHarga
Yika Portable Outdoor Travel Picnic Tableware Set ABS Chopsticks Spoon Fork Box (Multicolor) RP 43.000
Color: random, Material: stainless steel material, bag packing, Size:18.3cm long; fork length 17cm; spoon length of about 17cm,wide 3.5cmGross weight: about 230 grams, Suitable for the crowd:Mom: This is ready to be put in the bag, regardless of where thebaby to eat to have their own clean sanitation;Travel: small can carry, whether by train, go to the hotel, havetheir own clean tableware;Student / Teacher: small portable, in the dining hall, don't haveto worry about health tableware;Office worker: every day to eat fast food, disposable chopsticksare bleach, long time with certain bad to the body, it really comesin handy, drink soup spoon, chopsticks, and eat the fruit fork, What You Get:1 x tableware
Yika Stainless Steel 6pcs Measuring Spoon Set 0.6ml/ 1.25ml/ 2.5ml/ 5ml/ 10ml/ 20ml (Silver) RP 85.000
100% Brand New., Material: Stainless Steel, Color: Silver, Item: Spoon, Type: Measuring Spoon, Style: Set/ Kit, Feature: Eco-Friendly, Capacity: 0.6ml/ 1.25ml/ 2.5ml/ 5ml/ 10ml/20ml, 0.6ml: Dia 1.5cm, L11.0cm, 1.25ml: Dia 2cm, L11.4cm
Yika Portable Tableware Stainless Steel Spoon Chopsticks Fork Spoon Dinner Set´╝łMulticolor) RP 63.000
Ideal Portable Tableware for camping, picnics, lunchboxes!, Elegant and classy ,all stainless steel design., Steel tableware durable and easy to clean., The yellow case makes it convenient to put the tableware init., Includes two pair of Chopsticks, a Spoon, a Fork, and abeautiful matching case., Chopsticks screw apart into 2 pieces for compact storage., Chopsticks are about 22.3cm long of the conjugant., Fork is 14cm long and spoon is about 13.5cm long;, The case is about 14.5cm long;, Total Weight: 60g
Yika 11pcs Plastic Measuring Cups Spoons Baking Tool Set (White) RP 60.000
Material: Plastic, Color: White, Cup Size: 1/8 Cup/31ml, 1/4 Cup/62ml, 1/3 Cup/83ml, 1/2Cup/125ml, 1 Cup/250ml, Spoon Size: 1/8 TSP/0.6ml, 1/4 TSP/1.2ml, 1/2 TSP/2.5ml,1 TSP/5ml, 1/2 TBSP/7.5ml, 1TBSP/15ml, Item: Measuring Cups and Spoons, Use for: Cooking, Baking, Ideal for: Home Kitchen
Yika Outdoor Multi-functional Stainless Steel Spoon Fork Knife Tableware Set (Blue) RP 94.000
100% BrandNew., Material: Stainlesssteel, 2 Colors available: Blue,Red, Folded size:10*4*3.5cm, Overall length:19cm, Spoon/Fork thickness:1mm, Four functions: Spoon,Fork, Knife, Bottle Opener, 4 in 1 Cooldesign., High quality stainlesssteel, sturdy and durable., Foldable and multiplefunctions to meet you at the most.


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